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Helping families secure their future

 There’s nothing more important than protecting the ones you love the most. At Easy Insured Insurance, we offers several options to help protect your family financially if you pass away unexpectedly. 

Secure your future with a policy that can alleviate all financial burdens to give you and your loved ones a peace of mind to focus on what matter most.  Learn more about Life Insurance here

Family Life Insurance

Why do I need Life Insurance?

In a case of sudden death, life insurance provides your beneficiaries with a financial relief. Life insurance proceeds can:

  • Help pay for funeral cost
  • Pay bills and maintain standard of life 
  • Pay off outstanding debts, credit cards, and mortgage
  • Finance your children ‘s future/education
  • and many more..


Life insurance plans

Get the Coverage thats Right for You & Your loved one
Term Life Insurance

Pays a death benefit if the person insured dies within a specific period of time (10 or 20 years) or before you reach a certain age. If you die within the duration of the policy, your beneficiaries will be paid the death benefit.


Permanent Life Insurance

Coverage throughout your lifetime, and gives your beneficiaries a tax-free payment after you die.Your dependants will get payment at any time while your insurance policy is in effect. 

My Dignity Plan

Healthcare Program

My dignity inc. is pleased to provide a solution to health care issues through their proprietary (CARP-endorsed) long term care plans underwritten through recognized Canadian insurers.

Critical Illness Insurance

Get Instant approval on a coverage that fits your lifestyle. Critical illness insurance is a coverage that helps alleviate your costs while surviving a life altering illness. Based on the policy you choose, you will receive a lum sum payment when you need it the most.

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Get the right policy to protect the future of your family and loved ones.

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