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Long Term Care

What are the chances of needing long term care?

70% of individuals at the age of 65 and over will require some type of long term care.

What type of assistance is available to you?

Canadians often neglect seeking out long term care options at younger age. When we don’t actively plan ahead, we are leaving our health and care to the chances of the government taking care of us, or our friends and family.  Let’s explore the differences between assistance from Gov’t vs. Insurance below:

Rely on the Government

  • You are a recipient of care. No control over who treats you, when you receive care, or what services are provided.
  • Initial and ongoing eligibility is assessed by regulated Healthcare professionals and assistance may be declined or reduced.
  • No support for instrumental activities of daily living are provided such as laundry, grocery shopping, light housekeeping or meal preparation

Plan with Insurance

  • You are a consumer of care, you have 100% control over the who, when & what is provided.
  • Eligibility for benefits is immediate upon the completion of a simple claim form signed by your doctor
  • You have the flexibility to direct your care whether that is personal care, home making or community outings.

In summary, long term care insurance provides:

  • The necessary resources when you are no longer able to care for yourself
  • Freedom to choose and control the type of care you receive
  • Peace of mind knowing that the financial cost of your care is taken care of

In conclusion, long term health insurance is the best way to prepare for your future care instead of relying on government assistance. Prepare to get the best care you want and need for your future without any limitation and discomfort at a time when you cannot take care of yourself. 

Apply for "My Dignity Plan"

Don’t leave your care to chance, apply for My Dignity Plan to ensure quality care that you can count on. Here are the instructions for application: 

1) Download/Print the Two Application Form 
2) Fill Up the form fully with all parts in ink or type beginning with section 1 -insured information. 
3) Remember to Sign & Date the form
4) Email the completed form